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Price List

KitMan Motors Price List

Speedster Body

Coupe Body

Window Frames (4) Stainless Steel

Spyder 550 Body

VW shortened pan

Tube Chassis, Custom
Spyder 550 Chassis

Shipping Pallet (wood) 5.5 Ft. X 13 Ft.









NOTE: KitMan Motors provides a parts lists for customers to reference and fulfill at their own pace, but we DO NOT KEEP AN INVENTORY OF PARTS NOR DO WE SOURCE PARTS FOR OUR KITS OR ANY OTHER MANUFACTURERS KITS. We can provide a starting point with a framework of part numbers, vendors, etc, but these cars are based on being built to the individual customers specifications for their intended use of the vehicle. We do not monitor pricing with all of these vendors due to international supply chain issues and the difficulty to update regularly and accurately.

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